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7 Essential Apps for Women’s Health and Well-being

Never forget when your period is due again! Period-tracking apps take the burden off your memory and save you from sneaking code words into your calendar. Plus, they give helpful notifications to prepare for your cycle. But that’s not all – period tracking apps can also flag potential health issues. Keep tabs on your vital signs with ease and keep your health in check.

The Best Apps For Women’s Health

#1 Clue

Track and predict your menstrual cycle with ease using Clue! Available on both iOS and Android, this app offers a clean and fun interface for entering data. Simply tap the big red button to log important dates and receive notifications when your period might be coming.

But that’s not all – Clue allows you to track a wide range of factors, including discharge and hair health. The app analyzes your data to provide insights on your cycle length, period length, and other symptoms. You can even generate a Cycle Report to share with your doctor or push your data to wearable devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit.

#2 Eve

Discover Eve, the ultimate period and sex app, brought to you by Glow – a leading medical data science company for women’s health. Once deemed intrusive, logging intimate details has become an everyday routine with Glow Nurture for pregnant women, Glow Baby for baby tracking, and Eve for menstrual health. But Eve surpasses its competitors with an impressive range of features, including tracking sexual activity, flow intensity, discharge type, and accessing daily Cycle Scope predictions for understanding your hormonal mood swings. Join Glow’s community of users today for unparalleled support and insight on your reproductive health.

#3 Flo

Discover why millions of users can’t get enough of the Flo app. Keep track of your ovulation and period symptoms with ease and turn your data into super useful graphs. Whether you’re planning to see a doctor or not, Flo’s data visualization is there to help. In addition, Flo can also turn into a pregnancy tracker if needed, making it an all-in-one app. Choose between the free and paid version to access basic features or get even more with Flo Premium. This option includes expert content, premium customer support, and daily well-being plans. Also, enjoy unlimited access to Flo Health Assistant and video courses.

If any of the listed apps are not available in your area, try setting up VeePN VPN on your iPhone. To return the ability to install applications, you only need to switch to a region in which it is allowed. 

#4 Dot

Introducing Dot, the digital contraception app that’s revolutionizing the way women prevent pregnancy. Unlike other apps that rely on basal body temperature, Dot uses only your period dates to calculate your fertile periods. With a dynamic optimal timing algorithm, validated by a peer-reviewed study and ongoing efficacy trials, Dot is the smart choice for women who want to take control of their fertility.

Choose from a variety of goals, whether you’re trying to prevent pregnancy, prepare for one, or simply track your period. But be warned – Dot doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to your fertile windows. With highly accurate predictions, Dot gives you the power to make informed decisions about your sexual health.

No more guessing, no more confusion. Dot is your partner in contraception, providing reliable results with no maximum window of caution. Join the revolution and download Dot today.

#5 Ovia Fertility

Want to boost your chances of getting pregnant or skip your menstrual cycle altogether? Look no further than the Ovia app. This top-notch fertility tracker helps you keep tabs on key indicators like basal body temperature, cervical position, and cervical mucus. Plus, it can predict your menstrual cycle or fertile days based on your data input. Even better, the premium version offers personalized health support and is often covered by insurance or employers. But if you don’t qualify, the free version still delivers great tracking tools and content.

#6 MagicGirl

Whether you’re new to tracking your monthly flow or a seasoned pro, MagicGirl Period Tracker is the perfect app for learning about your cycle. It’s designed specifically with teens in mind and comes equipped with helpful resources like hygiene product options, period advice, and birth control reminders – all free of charge. And with its bright and easy-to-use interface, it’s sure to be a hit with users of any age.

#7 Cycles

Discreetly keep tabs on your menstrual cycle by using Cycles, an extremely customizable app that looks amazing. It comes with simple graphics and calming colors, allowing you to monitor your period without anyone else knowing. Cycles enable you to invite your partner to sync up and track your mood swings and cravings. Download it for free, or upgrade to premium to receive tailored predictions for partner connect and customized birth control reminders. Try Cycles today.


Period tracking apps are essential for women’s health. With all the different features available, there is an app to fit every woman’s needs. Whether you’re looking to prevent pregnancy, get pregnant, or just track your cycle – these 7 apps have you covered! Take control of your reproductive health and download one today. 

Happy tracking!

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