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A celebrity chef banned vegans from his restaurant due to his mental health—then got dogpiled with one star reviews, before meat-lovers came to his defence

A celebrity chef has banned vegans from his restaurant after a customer criticized the lack of plant-based options, entering an argument over a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry.

Chef John Mountain took to the Australian restaurant Fyre’s Facebook page to declare that people who don’t eat meat or animal products won’t be catered for going forward.

 “Sadly all vegans are now banned from Fyre (for mental health reasons),” he shared on Tuesday. “We thank you for your understanding. Xx.” 

The post also included the hashtags #pleasegoelsewhere, #veganfreezone, and #nomorevegans.

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The celebrated British-born chef, who has worked with the likes of Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal, told  Perth Now that the argument started when a young woman reached out before visiting the restaurant to ask about vegan options.

But Mountain—who was busy catering a private function—claimed to have forgotten about the vegan diner and later received a scolding from his sous chef, followed by a complaint from the customer.

“My only option was the vegetable dish… it was okay but not that filling… and I was shocked to see it was $32,” the customer reportedly lamented via a direct Facebook message to the venue. “I think it’s incredibly important nowadays that restaurants can accommodate everyone and to not be able to have actual plant-based meals shows your shortcomings as a chef.”

The angry diner’s comment is backed by some data. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, plant-based foods could account for 7.7% of the world protein market by 2030, at a value of more than $162 billion, up from around $29 billion in 2020.

‘Really hurts the business’

“Thanks for your negative review… please feel free to share your sh–ty experience and I look forward to not seeing you again,” the chef and restaurant owner responded to the unhappy customer’s message, before taking his ban public. 

In the immediate aftermath, Fyre was flooded with one-star reviews, which Mountain told Perth Now “really hurts the business”.

Over on the eatery’s Facebook page, people claiming to have been past customers are sharing why they wouldn’t recommend Fyre.

“You can’t call yourself a chef if you can’t even cook veggies,” one user wrote. “Owner is very arrogant and can’t take criticism.”

Another called out the “extremely rude staff & disappointing & not up to par dishes.”

“Food tastes horrible. Chef is rude when queried. Will not go back,” another chimed.

A suspiciously common complaint among the new reviews was that the chicken made them sick. 

“Felt really sick after eating chicken here. It looked cooked, but maybe it wasn’t stored properly,” one user wrote.

“Wouldn’t recommend only because I had food poisoning from the chicken I think and it took 30 minutes for our food to come out. I had to ask to get takeaway at that point,” another chimed.

Meat-eaters fight back

But in another turn of events, meat lovers began taking time out of their day to clap back on the negative posts. 

As news of the ban spread, a wave of support for the chef’s controversial stance has seen strangers come to the restaurant owner’s defense and flood social media platforms with positive reviews for Fyre.

Although Fyre’s Google rating reportedly initially dipped from 4 to 2.8 in the wake of the ban, it soon rose to around 4.5—but the sheer number of 5-star reviews has seemingly caused Google’s rating system to overload. At the time of writing, the restaurant can’t be found on the search engine. 

Similarly, on Fyre’s Facebook page, positive reviews now significantly outweigh the negative ones and its current rating sits at around 4.4 stars.

“The pork belly was absolutely delicious. A small menu which has been perfected. The prices are also fantastic for the quality of the food,” one reviewer weighed in on the debate. “I am lactose intollerant, and like an adult I didn’t eat dessert because it didn’t fit my dietary requirements. Perhaps other people with specific diets should do the same and act like adults?”

Even people who have admittedly never dined at the restaurant stood up for the chef, vowing to try the meaty cuisine and shutting down vegans.

“Absolutely love the Menu at Fyre! Very BASED food and even more BASED staff. I would highly recommend this Restaurant to any MEAT loving humans! (Inferior dieters needn’t come here!),” one person wrote before adding, “I have never eaten at this Restaurant before.”

But is the ban discriminatory—or good business? 

Not everyone is joking, however. Animal rights activist Tash Peterson says the restaurant’s ban on vegans is “blatant discrimination”, comparing it with refusing to serve Muslims.

“One incident where this chef is clearly upset by a valid complaint, and then to discriminate an entire group of people, I don’t see it as any different to banning Muslims or women, it’s a blatant form of discrimination,” she told 7News.

Peterson, who is known for her semi-nude and often bloody stunts, said that $32 for a bowl of veggies “isn’t good enough in 2023”.

“Veganism is on the rise and places should really cater for everyone,” she added.

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