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Amanda Bynes will be held under a 72-hour psychiatric hold in second detention

Amanda Bynes will be held under a 72-hour psychiatric hold in second detention

After being placed in a psychiatric hold for the second time this year, Amanda Bynes will once again be held for 72 hours.

New developments in the case reveal that the former Nickelodeon star had been the one to call the cops for help.

Bynes was then detained by police and taken into custody for a mental health evaluation over the weekend, TMZ first reported.

The outlet reported that she seemingly failed the evaluation.

On Monday, sources told the outlet that the former child star was deemed a danger to herself and those around her. Now that Bynes is on a mandatory psychiatric hold, she can be held for up to 72 hours by law, via Page Six.

Following the incident, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Bynes is doing her best to take care of herself, but she is “inconsistent” when it comes to taking her medication.

“Amanda was doing better recently and trying her best to take care of herself. She has been making an effort to go to AA meetings, trying to hang out with sober people, and she looked good. The only problem is she is inconsistent about taking her medication, which causes issues,” the source said.

Bynes was previously taken in into custody and placed under a 72-hour psychiatric hold, on Monday, March 20th, 2023.

The All That alum allegedly waved down a passing car and told the driver she was coming down from a psychotic episode on Sunday. She then called 911 on her own and was taken to a police station, where the mental health team determined she needed to be put on a 5150 psychiatric hold, per TMZ.

The former child star has bipolar disorder and has struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. Bynes, 37, had allegedly not been taking her medication prior to being placed on a psychiatric hold.

Nearly one year ago, the Amanda Show star’s eight-year conservatorship under her mother, Lynn, was terminated after the judge overseeing the case decided that the legal arrangement was “no longer required.”

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