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The United States dollar is the official currency of the U.S. Learn about the bills and coins that make up U.S. currency.

FTC Sues Amazon for Inducing Users To Subscribe To Prime

The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday sued Amazon for illegally inducing consumers to sign up for its Prime service and…

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Eurojust organises first expert meeting on Money Laundering and Asset Recovery | Eurojust

The meeting brought together dedicated prosecutors specialised in asset recovery and tackling money laundering from the European Union and countries…

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Survival of the Fittest for Shortsea Shipping Market

By Mike Wackett (The Loadstar) – Shortsea shipping lines in Northern Europe are facing a fight for survival as demand weakens…

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Markey Joins Sanders, Grassley in Bipartisan Push to Audit the Pentagon and End Wasteful Spending

Last year, the DOD failed its fifth audit and was unable to account for over half of its assets, which…

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SCOTUS declines to hear Cullman cash bail case

Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a court case concerning the constitutionality of whether states can make…

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Barr and Allen Introduce ESG Act to Protect Investors and Preserve Access to Capital for Energy Producers | Press Releases

Barr and Allen Introduce ESG Act to Protect Investors and Preserve Access…

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Modi Meets Elon Musk, Ray Dalio on India Leader’s US Visit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to the US couldn’t have come at a better time. A buzzing economy, equity…

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After College

Why does anyone go to college? The most popular answer given by American college freshmen from 1991 to 2019 was,…

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Fed Powell: US dollar is still the dominant reserve currency

More on the USD as the reserve currency: As long as we have rule of law, relative price stability, open…

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Senate Budget Hearing Reveals Need to Investigate Fossil Fuel Dark Money

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget hosted a hearing today, “Dollars and Degrees: Investigating Fossil Fuel Dark Money’s Systemic…

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