Credit reports and scores

Learn how to request credit reports and scores, place a credit freeze, and fix reporting errors.

A beginner’s guide to credit reports

When you’re preparing for a major expenditure like buying a home or a car, or even renting an apartment, your…

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Co-Borrower Vs. Co-Signer: What’s the Difference?

Co-borrowers and co-signers generally are legally responsible for repaying the loan. HCShutter/Getty Our experts answer readers’ personal loan questions and…

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Why did my credit score drop? What can make it go down

Checking your credit score and seeing that it’s dropped can feel scary and disappointing. Why the sudden change?   While you…

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What is a good credit score?

A good credit score is something every points and miles enthusiast should strive toward. Not only can a solid credit…

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What is a good credit score? How to check (and improve) your score.

Credit scores dominate spending and decisions, but few people know the ins and outs of this looming figure.  FICO created…

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U.S. states with the lowest average credit scores

No one wants to see their state on the list of worst anything, be it food, standardized test scores or…

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Free Weekly Credit Reports May Stop by the End of the Year

Before the pandemic, the Fair Credit Reporting Act required that consumers be given free access to their credit report from…

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Your Rent Payments Can Raise Your Credit Score With Experian Boost

For the millions of Americans who have a subprime credit score or no credit score at all, being credit invisible…

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Why They Exist and How to Avoid Them

A good credit score and the ability to access credit are key components in building savings, financial stability, and wealth.…

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What to look for in your credit report to lower borrowing costs

Free weekly credit reports are now available from the three major credit bureaus through the end of 2023. Credit reports…

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