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Chairman Smith Remarks: Rules Testimony on CHOICE Arrangement Act and Small Business Flexibility Act

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“Thank you, Chairman Cole and Ranking Member McGovern, for having me here today.

“As we learned this week with the latest Consumer Price Index report, working families that have spent the last two years being hammered by inflation, continue to suffer under higher prices. At the start of Joe Biden’s presidency, the Congressional Budget Office projected the economy would recover to pre- pandemic levels without any more stimulus. Then, Democrats proceeded to ram through trillions in new spending that led to the highest inflation in 40 years, making everything from food to gas to health care less affordable.

“What the President’s cost of living crisis has taught us is that, too often, Washington gets in the way of Americans being able to provide for their families. And when Washington needs to be involved, it should be a partner with the American people – not a barrier.

“The Ways and Means Committee has traveled over 5,000 miles from Atlanta to the plains of Oklahoma, where we’ve heard from workers and small businesses about their difficulty in today’s economy.

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