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EU health insurance card – how to apply or renew as travellers issued warning

As with travelling anywhere abroad, there are a number of steps people have to take in order to leave the UK on safe and legal grounds.

One such thing is applying for healthcare cover abroad, just in case the unthinkable happens and you are left lying in a hospital bed while on holiday.

While it is a situation nobody wants to end up in, it is important to make sure all bases are covered, including healthcare, before you head away on a flight.

There are two types of cover available in the UK, including:

  • a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC)
  • a UK European Health Insurance Card (UK EHIC), if you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement

For most people, the UK GHIC replaces the existing UK EHIC for new applications from travellers.

According to the NHS, there is no deadline to apply for a GHIC or EHIC. This means if you have an existing EHIC, you can use it up until the day it expires.

However, you can apply for a new card up to 6 months before your current card expires.

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