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Feds Will No Longer Test for COVID-19 Based on Vaccination Status

​The Biden administration has instructed federal agencies to cease all COVID-19 testing based on vaccination status, marking a new approach in dealing with the pandemic.

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Vaccination Rules Evolve

Guidance on the changes, which went into effect Aug. 22, state that agencies will no longer need to screen employees based on their vaccination status, and that the federal government will no longer treat employees differently based on whether they are up-to-date with their vaccinations. Employees, contractors and visitors will also no longer be asked for proof of vaccination before entering federal buildings. Some facilities in settings that require it will continue testing all employees.

(Federal News Network)

Quarantine Changes

Federal employees exposed to COVID-19 will no longer have to undergo different isolation requirements from other employees. This means not having to stay at home and quarantine, provided they are asymptomatic.

(Government Executive)

Mandatory Workplace COVID-19 Testing Must Be Justified, EEOC Says

Employers will need to assess pandemic and workplace circumstances in order to justify mandatory COVID-19 testing of employees going forward, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced July 12.

(SHRM Online)

Vaccine Requirements in Job Ads Are Declining

The share of job ads mentioning a vaccine requirement has slowly fallen since its pandemic-era peak of 7.1 percent in mid-March.

(SHRM Online)

What to Do When Workers Refuse a COVID-19 Vaccination

The EEOC allows workplace vaccination mandates when they are job-related and consistent with business necessity. Many businesses continue to review and revise their COVID-19 vaccination policies as the pandemic persists—and employers may be asking what they can do if workers refuse to get the jab. Some employers are firing workers or putting them on unpaid leave. Others are requiring unvaccinated employees to submit to weekly testing and take other safety precautions.

(SHRM Online)

SHRM’s Coronavirus Resources Page

This page contains COVID-19 vaccination resources, as well as information on return-to-work and remote-work issues.

(SHRM Online)

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