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Healthcare provider urges Nigerians to access Health Insurance

An expanded dialysis centre has been commissioned at the federal medical centre in Abuja, alongside medical equipment donated.

Medical experts believe that the structure and donated equipment will help to improve treatment and care of patients who suffer from kidney problems and infant related conditions.

The medical equipment donated by partners is expected to go a long way in serving thousands of patients with dialysis and paediatric needs in the country.

With an increasing burden of renal failures and infant mortality in the country, an increase in the standard of treatment is equally needed to cater for those patients.

Due to this rising need, this religious body has chosen to assist in improving health care services at the federal medical centre in Abuja, with the donation of equipment for the treatment of patients with kidney problems and infants.

The hospital authorities reveal that over the past three years it’s average monthly patient attendance for assessing services has increased threefold from five thousand to more than fifteen thousand.

So, the donated equipment will go a long way to ensure that the many patients that need services in dialysis and paediatric care get it.

The availability of more equipment and clinical structures like this, will ensure an improvement in the standard of treatment and care for Nigerians suffering from kidney conditions and babies who need to survive.




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