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How to claim unclaimed property in Colorado

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect how much unclaimed property the sate has.

DENVER (KDVR) — The State of Colorado is holding more than $1.2 billion in unclaimed property, and some of it could be yours.

Money and tangible property are turned over to the state treasury for safekeeping for a variety of reasons with the goal of returning the lost or forgotten assets to their rightful owner.

Sometimes businesses lose track of property or payments, and that’s one way that your money might up in unclaimed property, according to the Colorado Unclaimed Property Division.

Some of those assets in the states possession might even belong to schools, hospitals, small businesses and corporations

According to the state treasury, $640,552,115 has been returned since the program began in 1987.

How to see if you have unclaimed property

There is a list of over 1.7 million names and businesses for whom the property is waiting to be claimed, according to Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young.

You can search your name to see what assets might be waiting for you. In the results, you will see information about how much is in each claim, and where it is coming from to determine if it might be yours.

How to file a claim

If you find a claim that you think might belong to you, the next step is to file a claim. You’ll select your claimant relationship for each listing, whether that be owner, heir, estate representative or business representative.

Then, enter your information into a form depending on your claimant relationship. There may be a popup window in which you will verify the information entered before you click submit and receive a claim number. Keep that number safe, you may want it later.

A claim cannot be claimed based on name alone, evidence of claimant relationship is required. Each claim then requires a copy of a photo ID and a social security number. Occasionally a notarized claim form may be required.

The documentation and requirements for your claim can be found under section C of the claim form and will be outlined in a confirmation email that you will receive after submitting the claim.

You can upload those documents or mail them to the Great Colorado Payback Office located at 200 E. Colfax Ave. room 141 in Denver.

Tracking your claim

Once you have submitted the claim with documentation evidence, you can track your claim.

Using your claim number, you can search for the status of your claim on the website. If you have lost that number, contact the Unclaimed Property Division.

If you received a letter in the mail from the State of Colorado Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property Division stating that you may have unclaimed funds that belong to you, the process is similar. You can simply search your name or use the details provided in the letter, which should include a property ID number and list the reporting company.

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