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In budget year, lawmakers tackle controversial topics

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Compared to the tumult of last summer’s special legislative session — which resulted in a near-total abortion ban and one Republican lawmaker leaving his caucus — the 2023 session of the Indiana General Assembly can seem relatively uncontroversial. But in a budget year that brought in new legislators following last November’s elections, Indiana lawmakers tackled more than one controversial topic in 2023.

Take, for example, the debate over so-called ESG investing. GOP lawmakers successfully enacted legislation that requires state pension funds to divest from funds that take environmental, social and governance factors into account. Republicans say the measure is about protecting public retirement funds, while Democrats claim the move is politically motivated and could be detrimental to the state’s coffers.

Then there were the bills related to the LGBTQ community. Senate Enrolled Act 480 — which is now enjoined — prohibits a physician from providing gender transition procedures to a minor, while House Enrolled Act 1608 requires schools to notify parents or guardians if a student requests to change their name or gender identity — moves that Republicans say are about protecting children and the rights of parents, but that Democrats say will harm transgender children.

And of course there was the budget, which forced lawmakers to balance the need to adequately fund state programs while maintaining strong reserves.

Below is the list of bills passed during the 2023 legislative session and signed into law by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb. Most bills take effect July 1, but some bills or sections of bills take effect immediately, retroactively or at a later date. For more details one each bill, visit iga.in.gov/legislative/2023/bills.


SB 1: Behavioral health matters

SB 2: Taxation of pass through entities

SB 3: State and local tax review task force

SB 4: Public health commission

SB 5: Consumer data protection

SB 7: Physician noncompete agreements

SB 8: Prescription drug rebates and pricing

SB 9: Energy utilities

SB 11: Marriage and family therapists

SB 15: Housing authority commissioner compensation

SB 20: Alcohol matters

SB 33: Solar panel and wind power equipment disposal study

SB 35: Financial literacy

SB 43: Residency of 911 operators

SB 44: Removal of Illiana Expressway references

SB 46: County option circuit breaker tax credit

SB 48: Child sex offenses

SB 65: Elected officials training fund

SB 71: Parole

SB 72: Education matters

SB 73: Occupational therapy licensure compact

SB 77: Throwing stars

SB 80: Makes Indiana Code publication amendments.

SB 100: Education matters

SB 106: Local powers concerning elections

SB 114: Receivership for past due utility bills

SB 136: Conviction data

SB 151: Foster families

SB 154: Certain counties purchasing and data processing

SB 155: Air pollution control

SB 156: Tax sales

SB 157: Parcels offered at successive tax sales

SB 158: Domestic violence

SB 160: Professional counselors licensure compact

SB 161: Unlawful surveillance

SB 166: Adverse possession statute of limitations


SB 168: Statewide assessment results

SB 171: State fair advisory committee

SB 172: Maximum price of a pull tab in charity gaming

SB 176: Small modular nuclear reactors

SB 177: School board candidate filing deadline

SB 180: Allocation of wastewater utility costs

SB 181: Cause of action concerning restraint of trade

SB 183: Unclaimed property matters

SB 184: Hunting and fishing license agents

SB 185: 1977 fund membership.

SB 187: Public safety matters

SB 214: Standing order for overdose intervention drugs

SB 236: Learner’s permits

SB 242: Floodplain mapping

SB 246: Excess liability trust fund

SB 252: Long acting reversible contraceptives

SB 265: TANF eligibility

SB 268: Prohibited pension system investments

SB 271: Certified technology parks

SB 273: Administration of anesthesia in dental office

SB 275: Practice of medicine terms

SB 277: Fire protection

SB 283: Marion County road funding

SB 286: Credit time

SB 287: Various probate and trust matters

SB 290: BMV disclosure of personal information

SB 296: Sale of tax delinquent real property

SB 298: Utility infrastructure improvement charges

SB 301: Sex offenses

SB 302: Regulation of charitable organizations

SB 314: Address confidentiality

SB 316: Computer aided emergency dispatch systems

SB 317: Contracting and purchasing

SB 325: Homestead standard deduction

SB 326: Professional sports and convention development areas

SB 327: Gary Community Schools

SB 331: Deposition of child victim

SB 332: Planning and zoning affecting military bases

SB 334: Simplified application for SNAP benefits

SB 342: Teacher hiring

SB 343: Various criminal law matters

SB 344: Northeast Indiana strategic development commission

SB 345: Termination of parental rights

SB 350: Professional licensing

SB 353: Risk management and catastrophic liability funds

SB 369: Automated external defibrillator requirements

SB 373: Assistance for funeral and cemetery expenses

SB 374: Regional water, sewage, or solid waste districts

SB 379: Drug schedules

SB 380: Various education matters

SB 384: Purple star designation

SB 390: Commercial solar and wind energy ready communities

SB 391: Charter schools

SB 400: Health care matters

SB 404: Access to transcripts

SB 412: Natural resources matters

SB 414: Onsite waste management districts and septage holding tanks

SB 415: Juveniles

SB 417: Various tax matters

SB 419: State tax matters

SB 423: Animal impoundment

SB 434: Economic development in Lake County

SB 438: Home health services

SB 443: Various education matters

SB 445: Electronic monitoring standards

SB 447: Charity gaming matters

SB 451: Carbon sequestration pilot project

SB 452: Consumer credit and financial institutions

SB 458: Money transmitters

SB 464: Jurisdiction

SB 468: Uniform Commercial Code amendments

SB 472: Advanced recycling

SB 473: Limits on discharges into the Ohio River

SB 474: Home health agencies

SB 477: Threats to critical infrastructure

SB 480: Gender transition procedures for minors

SB 486: Education matters


HB 1001: State budget

HB 1002: Education and workforce development

HB 1004: Health care matters

HB 1005: Housing

HB 1006: Mental health programs

HB 1007: Electric utility service

HB 1008: Pension investments

HB 1009: Court-ordered expenses

HB 1013: Indiana Department of Health

HB 1015: Worksite speed control pilot program

HB 1016: Police and fire merit systems

HB 1017: Prescription drug donation repositories

HB 1021: Various criminal law matters

HB 1025: Firefighter discipline

HB 1034: Income tax exemption for military pay

HB 1040: Requirements for elected officials

HB 1041: State board of accounts

HB 1046: Transportation matters

HB 1048: Technical corrections

HB 1049: Transportation matters

HB 1050: Various motor vehicle matters

HB 1055: Public safety matters

HB 1056: State veterans’ cemeteries

HB 1069: Airports

HB 1076: Indiana National Guard matters

HB 1087: Transportation for a released offender

HB 1091: Eligibility under Medicaid, CHIP and other benefits

HB 1106: Mine reclamation tax credit

HB 1113: Dental compliance fund

HB 1124: Civil proceeding advance payment contracts

HB 1125: Delivery network companies

HB 1132: Land use task force

HB 1138: Preschool and child care facility drinking water

HB 1142: Law enforcement recordings

HB 1157: Residential housing development program

HB 1160: Workforce development pilot programs

HB 1167: Livestreaming and archiving meetings

HB 1169: Separation of siblings in child placement

HB 1172: Paternity actions

HB 1173: Utility scale battery energy storage systems

HB 1177: Firearms training for teachers

HB 1186: Encroachment on an investigation

HB 1195: ICJI Victim Services Division

HB 1196: CDL training regarding human trafficking

HB 1200: Alcoholic beverages and tobacco

HB 1201: Rare disease advisory council

HB 1204: Enforcement of weight limits for overweight loads

HB 1207: 911 fees

HB 1209: Destination development corporation foundation

HB 1210: Indiana destination development corporation board

HB 1211: Welding certifications on public works projects

HB 1212: Privacy protections for nonprofit organizations

HB 1219: PFAS biomonitoring pilot program

HB 1228: Child seduction

HB 1236: Protections for motor vehicle dealers

HB 1252: Immunity for escort of a banned person

HB 1256: Archives and record administration

HB 1266: Cyber civilian corps program advisory board

HB 1279: Third party food delivery services

HB 1286: Toxicology screening for xylazine

HB 1287: Home detention

HB 1293: Coroners

HB 1304: Watercraft registration renewal fee

HB 1308: Indiana Crime Guns Task Force

HB 1313: Medicaid reimbursement for children’s hospitals

HB 1315: Home warranties and regulation of residential structures

HB 1316: IFA approval and revolving loan programs

HB 1317: Expiration of committees and interstate compacts

HB 1318: Corrections and clarifications

HB 1321: Public safety training

HB 1323: Information privacy relating to firearms

HB 1327: Accountancy

HB 1329: Insurance matters

HB 1334: Absentee voting

HB 1335: Various election law matters

HB 1336: Various election law matters

HB 1340: Department of Child Services matters

HB 1341: PFAS-free firefighter gear

HB 1342: Direct support professionals

HB 1343: Occupational regulations

HB 1352: Telehealth services

HB 1354: Service animals

HB 1363: Criminal mischief and criminal trespass

HB 1365: Machine guns

HB 1382: Robotics programs

HB 1396: Stop the bleed program

HB 1401: Assessment of wind power devices

HB 1402: Sewage matters

HB 1417: Utility deferred costs and accounting practices

HB 1418: Annexation of residential developments

HB 1420: Electric transmission facilities

HB 1421: Energy production and resources

HB 1422: Dementia care

HB 1438: Publication of local government notices

HB 1445: Audit of Medicaid program prescription drug costs

HB 1447: Education matters

HB 1449: Twenty-first Century Scholars program

HB 1451: Unemployment compensation

HB 1454: Department of Local Government Finance

HB 1457: Public health matters

HB 1458: Doctor scope of treatment and do not resuscitate

HB 1460: Professional and occupational licensing

HB 1461: Long-term services

HB 1466: Juror compensation

HB 1483: Discipline rules regarding bullying

HB 1492: School safety

HB 1493: Elimination of costs and fees in juvenile court

HB 1499: Various tax matters

HB 1504: Enforcement of deceptive consumer sales act

HB 1511: Higher education scholarships, grants and cost exemptions

HB 1512: Waste diversion and recycling

HB 1513: FSSA matters

HB 1528: Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship program

HB 1555: Military family occupational licenses

HB 1557: Inventory of lost farmland

HB 1558: Science of reading

HB 1560: Adoptions

HB 1568: Prescription for hormonal contraceptives

HB 1569: Restrictions on DOC provision of gender therapy

HB 1570: Family and juvenile law matters

HB 1575: Fire prevention and building safety commission

HB 1578: Covered persons for restricted addresses

HB 1581: Business associations

HB 1583: Health plans and ambulance service providers

HB 1590: Various education matters

HB 1591: Various education matters

HB 1601: Exemption from permitting requirements

HB 1608: Education matters

HB 1609: Workforce development matters

HB 1621: Self-service storage facilities

HB 1623: Administrative law

HB 1626: Administrative rules concerning carbon dioxide

HB 1627: Sale of tax sale properties to nonprofits

HB 1635: Various education matters

HB 1637: Teacher education scholarship programs

HB 1638: Education matters

HB 1639: Watershed development commissions

HB 1647: Athletic trainers•

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