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Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Is Requesting a Massive Sum in Their Divorce – SheKnows

It’s been almost two months since Kevin Costner‘s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce and their dispute just gets messier by the day. From claims Baumgartner has breached their prenup agreement by not vacating their house, to allegations Costner’s one-time fit of jealousy caused tension in the relationship, the chapters of this saga have only gotten more and more damaging.

Most recently, legal documents filed on Friday and obtained by People indicate the latest issue the two will most likely argue about in court: deciding the amount of child support Costner should provide to Baumgartner.

According to the outlet, the documents outline Baumgartner’s request for child support amounting to “$248,000 total for all three children.” Per the document, the close-to-a-quarter-million figure “is less than the amount needed to maintain the children in their accustomed lifestyle.”

In addition, Baumgartner is also requesting the Yellowstone star to pay 100% of private-school tuition, extracurricular activities/sports and health-care expenses. The former couple, who were together since 2004, share three kids together: Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

Also in the documents, Baumgartner, a handbag designer, is not requesting spousal support.

So can Costner actually afford to pay Baumgartner that large sum? According to Costner’s financial information revealed in the documents, the actor could, in fact, afford to pay roughly $3 million in child support every year.

Per the documents, Costner made a total of $19,517,0641 in 2022 and had family expenses, not including taxes, listed at $6,645,285. Also listed was the net income of the family, after expenses and taxes, at $7,595,520. According to People, some expenses listed included regular travel to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Aspen, regular entertaining of guests with caterers or chefs, and the upkeep of their several properties adding to about $2 million.

Prior to Baumgartner’s most recent filing, Costner’s lawyers had already stimulated child and spousal support costs and a significantly lower price point. Per People, Costner previously agreed to pay $38,000 a month in child support in addition to “100% of certain child-related costs, including private school tuition, books, fees and uniforms and school trips, children’s sports, camps and other agreed upon extracurricular activities,” as well as health insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses and therapy costs for their kids.

In addition, Costner has also already agreed to contribute $30,000 per month for a rental house as part of his child support and is willing to advance another $10,000 for her moving costs. 

Looking at the difference in the numbers on both sides, it’s safe to say a lengthy child support dispute is on the horizon for these two.

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