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What we all just witnessed down in Washington, D.C., to the tune of $31.4 trillion can only be described as “insurrection by debt.”

The IRS tax receipts can barely pay the interest on the national debt with which it has shackled us now, and as if by design, it remains mathematically impossible for the American people to ever repay the $31.4 trillion that is our present national debt.

While people remain stuck in their Jan. 6 insurrection time warp, I wish to assure them that we regard what they did recently as a greater threat to the Republic than Gen. Robert E. Lee and his entire Confederate Army.

Since the Bible tells us that debt is slavery and since slavery in the U.S. was supposedly outlawed with the Civil War, why should we the people willingly participate in our own reenslavement?

One small step that we the people can do to stop this would be to cash out all U.S. savings bonds and U.S. treasuries, and to stop loaning any money in the future to the federal government.

If we the people do this, the federal debt boycott might spread to corporations, investment banks and even foreign governments.

While Congress may continue to raise the debt ceiling to stratospheric heights, the ground reality is that no one has to loan the federal government any money, and after what it just did, no one should.

Robert Dow


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