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Missouri State Treasurer breaks record for returned unclaimed property

Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek reached $51,817,543.80 in unclaimed property returned for the fiscal year 2023.

This breaks the previous fiscal year’s payout record of $50.2M. The number of accounts returned record was also broken earlier this fiscal year. The record set in fiscal year 2022 was 233,769, and as of last week, Treasurer Malek had returned 255,627 accounts for fiscal year 2023. In response, State Treasurer Malek had this to say:

“I love giving people their money back, but we still have more to return. I am asking, not begging, go to this link to see if you have some money that should be coming your way. It’s fast, free, and secure. It could be $50, it could be $500, and it only takes a moment.”

The State Treasurer’s office currently holds $1.39B worth of unclaimed property.

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