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Murfreesboro dad needs help supporting son, 12, in need of kidney transplant

A Murfreesboro dad needs help raising money to support his son in need of a kidney transplant.

Elijah Wilson, the father of 12-year-old Leaven, is asking for financial support as his son goes through medical care in Denver, Colorado where he currently lives with his mother.

When Leaven was 11 years old, it was just a normal day. He was staying with his mother in Colorado for the summer when a parent’s worst nightmare occurred.

Elijah got a phone call that Leaven was rushed to the ER.

“A week later, that’s when we found out it was his kidneys and something was wrong,” says Elijah.

Leaven was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure and is awaiting a living-donor transplant. He is currently living with his mother who is retired military which makes it easier for Leaven to have all-around care available. He is also receiving treatment at Denver Children’s Hospital.

Starting last June, doctors determined Leaven’s kidneys were scarred out, meaning he would need a transplant.

Leaven had to go through continuous testing and numerous doctor visits; not something any kid wants to go through.

“That’s been our journey since then,” Elijah said. “Going to the doctor constantly, getting monitored…Just meeting all the criteria so we can hurry and get this behind us.”

Leaven is currently on a living-donor kidney transplant list. When a donor’s kidney is available, Elijah will travel to Denver again to be with his son.

Elijah has visited Leaven every time he goes through a procedure which requires Elijah to be away from home. When Leaven has a kidney ready, Elijah will have to be away from home for a month without pay, and cover expenses such as flights, rental car, hotel accommodations, all while caring for his son 15-year-old son in Tennessee.

Elijah is hoping to raise $15,000 so that he can support Leaven through this hard time. Currently, $300 has been raised for Elijah to support Leaven. All funds raised will be used for Elijah’s unplanned travel expenses to Denver, bills and living expenses.

Once this is all said and done, both Elijah and Leaven want to be back in Tennessee together.

Leaven said what he looks forward to most after his kidney transplant is, “Just to go back home.”

All of Leaven’s medical expenses were covered after a TikTok video went viral, which Elijah is thankful for.

Leaven and Elijah are hoping for a living kidney transplant soon. To learn more about living kidney donation, click here.

You can support Elijah and Leaven by going here.

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