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State Treasurer Riley Moore delivers over $30k in unclaimed property funds to Greenbrier County Commission

LEWISBURG, W.Va. (WVDN) – State Treasurer Riley Moore visited Lewisburg on Thursday to present an unclaimed property check to the Greenbrier County Commission.

Moore presented the commissioners with a check for $31,508.99 in unclaimed funds. According to Commission President Tammy Tincher, the unclaimed funds came from money the County Commission has paid out over time to entities that never cashed the checks or collected the funds.

As Tincher reviewed the paperwork from Moore’s office that listed the individual amounts that were paid out, she noted that they varied widely — one was an uncashed cashier’s check for $4,500, and another was a $4 check that the county had paid out but was never cashed.

Tincher said the money will go back into the county’s general fund.

Moore recently announced that his office returned $1.6 million worth of unclaimed property to individuals, businesses and organizations during the month of April, pushing fiscal year-to-date returns past $20 million for the first time in state history.

West Virginia’s Unclaimed Property Division has launched a new online SMS text feature that allows users to share unclaimed property listings with their families and friends.

For more information, visit www.WVUnclaimedProperty.com

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