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US Government warns all iPhone and Android owners over ‘illegal’ money-stealing call – four rules you must follow

ALL phone owners have been warned over a dangerous phone call that can raid your bank in seconds.

It’s easy to avoid if you know the warning signs, according to the US comms watchdog.

Be very careful when a missed call from an unrecognized number turns up on your phoneCredit: Unsplash

In an official FCC security memo, cyber-experts detail the risks of the sinister “one ring” scam.

“For illegal robocallers, the goal isn’t always getting you to answer,” the FCC explained.

“Sometimes, it’s getting you to call back.”

The main sign of the scam is when your phone rings once – and then stops.

If you don’t recognize the number, the FCC said that it’s important you don’t return the call.

That’s because you could be the target of a “one ring” scam – also known as “wangiri”.

The idea is that you call back and you’re connected to a premium international number.

You’re then charged for premium or toll calling, which will cost you money on your phone bill.

The scam will often try to keep you on the phone for as long as possible – potentially guiding you through different options.

It may also involve leaving you a voicemail message with an urgent problem that needs resolving, along with a phone number that you need to call.

But whatever the reason, you should be very wary when receiving missed calls or strange and threatening voicemails on your iPhone or Android.

According to the FCC, there are four rules to stay safe.

The first is to avoid answering or returning any calls from numbers that you don’t recognize.

Secondly, you should check to see if an area code is international before calling an international number.

Third, if you never make international calls, you can simply ask your network provider to block them on your line.

And fourth, remember to be cautious even when you think that a number may be authentic.

“Scammers may also use spoofing techniques to further mask the number in your caller ID display,” the FCC warned.

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