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US Open Winner Wyndham Clark’s Sister Goes Viral For Her Post-Victory Comment: “That’s So Much Money”

The U.S. Open wrapped up dramatically yesterday, with Rickie Fowler collapsing, Rory McIlroy failing to pull through, and Wyndham Clark playing steadily to take home the championship trophy.

Though he might not have been the fan favorite to win, Clark’s inspiring story ended up capturing the hearts of golf fans. His mother passed away when he was in college, and some of her last words to the PGA player were to “play big.”

Wyndham Clark certainly did that yesterday, and his friends and family went crazy after he sank his final putt. Those closest to him know the tough road that Clark has traveled, and celebrated accordingly green side:

And one of his family members (specifically his sister) seemed to realize how much the winning putt was worth financially as well…

This was the first time Wyndham Clark made the cut at the US Open, and his first major victory. In his professional golf career before yesterday, he had made $11.4 million dollars over 6 years.

His US Open win paid out $3.6 million dollars, which ended up matching 31.5% of his career earnings.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that $3.6 million dollars is a ton of money. You definitely don’t have to tell Wyndham Clark’s sister that, because she had money on her mind as she ran up to her brother to congratulate him on his victory.

She is now going viral for saying “that’s so much money” to Clark as they hugged on the 18th green.

Take a look:

I’m sure a “great playing” or “so proud of you” would have sufficed in that moment, but can you really blame her?

She is expecting to get a little kick back on those winnings, perhaps for a “sister tax.” I wonder what Wyndham thought about that…

And while we are at it, if you still aren’t sold on the man whose name sounds like a hotel resort, this story that the PGA Tour did on Clark’s love for fishing might make you a fan.

Check it out:

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