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What is high income for Covered California?

There can be an overwhelming number of options for health insurance in the United States of America and particularly in California.

One of the biggest and most widely known tools to help people find the right cover for them is the Covered California website. It is a free service that helps people to find lots of different plans from well-known companies. They are often also at discounted rates.

As well as that, it can help to connect people with Medi-Cal, which is the state-run program for health insurance.

People’s income is what will decide the kind of financial assistance that they can expect to receive, but there are different definitions for low income and high income in each state.

When you apply on Covered California, it will try to verify whether you are eligible for Covered California subsidies. That means enquiring about your tax return from the Inland Revenue Service as well as other databases.

If you underestimated your income for that year and received a subsidy, you will need to pay the entire subsidy back the next time you file your taxes. You must report income changes to Covered California within 30 days.

Covered California high income limit

The size of a household and its gross income is the primary determining factor for eligibility. Covered California income limits are a household income of up to 400 per cent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Households who make more than that do not qualify for financial assistance with their health insurance plans.

In terms of figures, in 2022 an individual in a one-person household is eligible for some degree of Covered California subsidies if they earn up to 51,520 dollars. Meanwhile, that limit rises to 106,000 dollars for a household size of four.

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